Mancunian Films

The search for the 'Lost' films of the Mancunian Film Corporation

Somewhere in Politics (Full House)

John E. Blakeley had a habit of taking extracts from his feature films to make ‘short’ subjects and tantalisingly some of these still exist though the actual source feature is now ‘lost’. The biggest loss from the ‘Mancunian Films’ canon is the feature film ‘Somewhere in Politics’ which starred Frank Randle, Tessie O’Shea and Josef Locke. This has now become the Holy Grail of the Mancunian Films. All that survives of this film is the 18 minute ‘short’ subject ‘Full House’.


NORMAN EVANS: Dentist Sketch

This is an extract from the film 'Under New Management'.

A copy of  ‘Under New Management’ was found at the UCLA Film and Television Archive in California. The film was deteriorating fast with the last reel already lost. The remaining film footage was repatriated to Britain and is now archived at the National Film and Television Archive. However, the hunt is still on for a complete version.


Norman Evans

Rubber-necked Nat Jackley, Dan Young & Friends (Mancunian Films extract) 1946

Another extract from the film 'Under New Management'

Holidays with Pay (1947) - Missing Scene - Josef Locke

This is one of the missing scenes from the John E. Blakeley produced (Mancunian Films) 'Holidays with Pay' which stars Frank Randle, Tessie O'Shea and Josef Locke. This scene with Jo Locke singing 'I'll take you home again Kathleen' has, at the moment lost its soundtrack -- but so you can get a feel for it I have attempted to add a track from one of his recordings of the song. The beginning and ending of the video are from the film as released on DVD so you can see where the missing scene should have been. There are also a few seconds of silence near the beginning.


'Lost' Mancunian Film - 'Laughter & Tears'

'Laughter & Tears' was made in 1928 and produced by John E. Blakeley - founder of the 'Mancunian Film Corporation'. It is one of several of his 'lost' films for which the search is continuing.


FRANK RANDLE - blue plaque unveiling

Frank Randle was the biggest star from the Mancunian film stable. A blue plaque was unveiled in Blackpool in 2007.